Huffington Post: Dawn Smith, Brain Tumor Victim: How Her Story Became Rallying Cry For Health Care Reform Supporters
The past few years of Dawn Smith’s life have been a medical nightmare turned around only when her story became a rallying cry for health care reform.

Creative Loafing (The CLog):  CIGNA reverses course after public pressure
(Atlanta – Sep 25, 2009) Last week, over 100,000 MoveOn members stood with Dawn Smith to demand that CIGNA cover the treatment for her brain tumor.

The L Magazine: New Website to Collect Health Insurance Horror Stories
(Oct 2, 2009) Nataline Sarkisyan , 17, died in December 2007 from liver failure, a complication from a bone marrow transplant she received to treat her leukemia.

Huffington Post: Sometimes We Win One
(New York – October 4th, 2009) In my post about closing in on the insurance industry, I mentioned the case of Dawn Smith, a MoveOn member and CIGNA who suffers from a treatable brain tumor.

BeyondChron: Dawn Smith: An American Hero
(Oct. 15‚ 2009) – There’s no doubt that Dawn Smith is now the poster child for why single-payer (or its weaker alternative, public option) healthcare is not a choice for Congress, it’s a moral obligation. She is the American every person, condemned to die when their insurance company refuses to cover a life-saving operation.

WNYC: Demanding Health Coverage
(New York – October 12, 2009) Playwright and MoveOn activist Dawn Smith discusses her struggle with a health insurance company that refused to cover treatment for her developing brain tumor.

Think Progress: Patient Denied Care For Her Brain Tumor Says Insurers Want You To ‘Die Now, So We Can Save Money Later’
(Washington, D. C. – October 16, 2009) Dawn Smith — who has a brain tumor her insurer has refused to help treat — traveled from her home in Atlanta, Georgia to request a meeting with H. Edward Hanway, CEO of the health insurance giant CIGNA.