Day 2 On the Road

Today I could feel the momentum building. We met larger groups as we moved from city to city, beginning in Asheville, stopping in Charlotte, and then ending up in Raleigh-Durham. Every time I see Dawn speak, I’m left a little speechless — about everything.

We live in a wealthy country that makes big promises to its citizens — but life, liberty and happiness are hard to come by when walking leaves you exhausted, or shooting electric-shock type pains keep you up all night. The United States fails to make good on its promise when we leave folks in Dawn’s position. Along the way, I felt a growing sense of wonder at CIGNA’s lack of care.

Every stop, we meet more people who connect with Dawn’s journey, and you can immediately see the force of her presence. Her story is deeply powerful, and relates to too many other stories on our trip. It feels incredible that anyone could say no to her care. After you feel that baffled wonder that anyone could deny her care, you realize that to CIGNA, Dawn isn’t a person like we know her — she’s a claim number and a potential drag on their profits, and thus undeserving. It’s precisely this decontextualizing, dehumanizing force that we need to stop with real health reform.


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  1. Venita
    October 12, 2009 at 12:23 am #

    Peace be with you Dawn, and continue to take your fight to the streets, and many more other peoples fight, for the delivery of quality healthcare to the USA for their need to be met in a consistent ,by concise decision that do not rely strictly on what kind of healthcare plan a person may have! I will keep you in my prayers, Peace and love! Longmont, Colorado

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